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Worlds Within Worlds 2: Deciduous

by Andy Rutledge | Photos by Boon Manakitivipart

Bonsai at its highest level is a fine art. But fine art begins with great craft. Westerners aspiring toward bonsai art excellence would do well to follow the craftsmanship found in excellent bonsai examples.

This presentation, the second in a series, showcases excellent bonsai from the very best artists in the world.

I sincerely hope you enjoy them.

Maple 1

These excellent maples are resting the winter away under shelter. The physical attributes of these bonsai are superb.


This old maple is still in development. Very soon it will be a wonderful mature specimen.

Elm 1

It took many years and uncompromising branch selection and training to achive this superb bonsai.

Beech 1

Beech bonsai of this quality are hard to find. This is an example of the raft style of bonsai.

Trident Maple 1

This maple is a shohin or "mini-sized" bonsai. The dense ramification of the branches must be meticulously maintained. Inner shoots are continually replacing outer ones.

Trident Maple 2

This form is sometimes called "turtle-back." This particular bonsai exhibits a high degree of drama. It may appeal to the viewer's taste for fantasy.

Trident Maple 3

This maple has been growing on the rock for quite a long time. It is hard to tell where the tree ends and the rock begins.