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Recent Additions

  • Classical Bonsai Art

    Review: Classical Bonsai Art

    by Andy Rutledge

    An extensive review of the new book from William N. Valavanis: Classical Bonsai Art - A Half Century of Bonsai Study

  • Fine Bonsai - Art and Nature

    Review: Fine Bonsai

    by Andy Rutledge

    An extensive review of the new book from Abbeville Press, Fine Bonsai - Art & Nature by Jonathan M. Singer and William N. Valavanis…

  • Life at a Bonsai Nursery

    Life at a Bonsai Nursery

    by Andy Rutledge

    Working fulltime at a bonsai nursery is fun and rewarding, but it's also damn hard work; much more so than it may seem…

  • or Beginners: Trunk Chopping 101 for Deciduous Trees

    For Beginners: Trunk Chopping 101

    by Andy Rutledge

    One operation that every bonsai artist has to perform from time to time is the trunk chop, and beginners may need guidance…

The Bonsai Journal

This site is a response to several websites being removed from the Web, depriving enthusiasts of consequential and enspiring articles and galleries.

The articles that appear here were once featured in The Bonsai Enthusiast Journal, Bonsai Today Online Journal, and Bonsai

Additional articles will appear here periodically, as I have time to prepare and publish them.