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Acer buergerianum


Spring Work on Winter Hazel

by Boon Manakitivipart, USA

Winter Hazel (Corylopsis spicata) is a lovely flowering species for bonsai. The white/gray bark and yellow flowers of early spring present a striking image. In bonsai culture, once you have enjoyed the flowers in spring they need to be removed.

This article shows the seasonal work that should be done after about 75% of the flowers have opened. Removing the opened and unopened flower buds will redirect the energy toward producing new leaves. This redirection of energy will help to keep the tree healthy and producing spectacular flowers year after year.

Corylopsis spicata

Spring 2004. Winter Hazel in bloom, 23" tall. From the author's collection.

Don't let the flowers turn to seed

Do not let the flowers turn to seed. We need to cut off the flowers after about
75% have opened up.

Cut each raceme

Cut each raceme (flower stalk) at the base.

Detail of the flower

Detail of the flowers.

Leave the leaves

Be sure that the leaves remain after cutting off the flowers.

The removed flowers

Note the amount of flowers that were cut. The leaves on the floor come from a branch that was removed. No other leaves were removed.

The finished tree

After the work. Corylopsis spicata, 23" tall.